Berlin – Stettin, 12km

After a poor night’s sleep due to the heat we took the 8:00 o’clock direct train to Stettin, where we arrived early enough to explore the city before the party in the evening. See the pictures for some impressions :

The reason we are here is an old school friend ‘s 50th birthday party, which was held in the NATO barracks. The rainbow could be seen from our hotel room before we set off :

The great party was actually in a tent with camouflage netting, which made for an interesting effect from inside:

Stettin seems to be trying to impove its cycling infrastructure, definitively necessary! The potholes, tram lines, suddenly ending bike paths, etc., really require a fat bike! Luckily there was not too much traffic, apparently due to the holiday period.

Our hotel is great, no problems having our bikes in the garage! Hotel Atrium

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