Hohenwutzen – Frankfurt an der Oder, 90km

Cycled mainly along the ‘Oderbruch’ today, which looks very Dutch to my eyes :

Ok, apart from the German border marker:

As you can maybe see from the pictures already:’What a scorcher’!

It got so hot and suny, that Phil ended up putting on long trousers and his jumper to protect his arms and legs from the sun :

Went through very few places, but the ones we went through were quite interesting :Zollbruecke, which has the only gap in the dike, and we stopped off for a much – needed drink at a harbour building turned into a hotel:

We ended up in Frankfurt an der Oder and found quite a nice ‘Bett&Bike’ hotel, Zur Alten Oder.

Phil needed to do a training run after 90km of cycling, which he did on Ziegenwerder :

So our route today :

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