Frankfurt an der Oder – Forst (Lausitz), 109km

This morning we felt the difference to the wind behind us yesterday, it was against us… Ah well, win some, lose some ­čśë

After all the cycling on and along dykes we finally encountered some sheep :

Just before Eisenhuettenstadt we saw a very picturesque industrial ruin, including heron ­čÖé

Eisenhuettenstadt was quite impressive, but also very hot :

We carried on to the baroque monastry of Neuzelle, quite impressive even for a Bavarian!

As usual, the signposting was usually excellent! There were quite a few explanatory boards on nature, history and the most recent great flood of 1997. Learnt a lot!

At about 13:00 we left the Oder and started following the Nei├če. So far we can say that there are a lot less explanatory signs /boards, and of course the river is much smaller.

There does seem to be a lot of open cast mining in the area, and protest against it :

They do seem to have their alternative energy here already, for example water :

Extremely hot day!

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