Bad Muskau – Berzdorfer See, 79km

Great breakfast and early start, trying to evade today ‘s record heat as much as possible. Luckily most of the way to Görlitz was shaded by trees and woods, apparently a heather area. Quite a few sharp ups and downs, but nothing Tania’ mountain goat’ Campbell couldn’t muster, unlike Phil ‘slug’ Young 😉

Very noticeable where all the acorns on the paths, obviously had been shed by the oaks due to lack of water.

We went through a lot more villages on this stretch and noticed that all the road signs and names here are also in Sorb, a minority official language in Germany.

We had lunch in Görlitz after 67km,so made good time this morning.

Then it was so hot again, that we decided to have a look at a new hotel that just opened at the Berzdorfer See, approx. 10km South of Görlitz. Liked it, booked it, loved it! Insel der Sinne

The lake is apparently an old open cast mine put to better use 🙂

There is a private beach, from where we went for a wonderfully refreshing swim 🙂 Dinner was excellent and very romantic :

And the sunset was pleasant :

The view from our room in the afternoon and evening :

Our route for the day :

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