Ottobrunn – Shropshire, 10km

Left Ottobrunn at 6:48 this morning with the Brompton, its bag and a 30l rucksack. Unfortunately there were S-Bahn problems, so I changed into the U-Bahn at the first opportunity.

The first train to Stuttgart was very pleasantly empty, plenty of space for me and my luggage.

In Stuttgart I had over an hour to kill, so Iooked at the building site for the new station

and cycled round the Schlosspark on the Brompton :

The change from Paris Est to Nord was scheduled to be more than an hour, so I had a French lunch 🙂

MeetUp with Robin and friends worked well in Calais :

Brompton and luggage fitted in the Espace still, then we went through the Chunnel and then spent a lot of time in road works (and the worst service station ever!). Finally arrived at the hotel at 00:30!

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