Langley Gatehouse – Church Stretton – Craven Arms – Langley Gatehouse, 45km (Brompton)

As it rained most of yesterday we made it a museum and pub day, also nice for a change. Found the China museum very interesting, but really don’t like pink….

Today cycled from the Gatehouse to Church Stretton, partly along the Roman road from Wroxeter.

Unfortunately it spat a bit, but a very good pot of tea was had, while I contemplated my next move.

Then took the train to Craven Arms to avoid cycling on the A49 too much. Cycled back to the Gatehouse in between two strings of hills, managed fairly well:

Thoroughly enjoyed my bath after all the cycling 🙂 while listening to Aretha Franklin.

Last night in the Gatehouse, thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring Shropshire on the Brompton and walking. Really amazed how enjoyable the cycling on the Brompton was!

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