Langley Gatehouse – Calais – Ottobrunn, 23km (Brompton)

Left the Gatehouse in the morning, everything fitted in Robin ‘s Espace, including the new bike frames.

Uneventful drive to the Chunnel and with le shuttle. Robin set me off at my per-booked hotel, and I managed to walk around Calais a bit still.

Early start this morning, leaving the hotel at 5:30! First proper rain while cycling during this holiday. There seem to have been some roadworks, difficult to see in the dark, so I seem to have not taken the most direct route to the TGV station…

Several other folding bikes on this train into Paris, including Bromptons ­čÖé

Uneventful journey, rode back with all the luggage :

Really enjoyed the holiday, amazed at how well the travelling and cycling went with the Brompton ­čśÇ

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