Bad Säckingen – Schaffhausen, 80km

Enjoyed the last view of the wooden-roofed bridge before setting off :

Went along the Rhine through Laufenburg (steep hill for cyclists, but at least we could go through the centre). The view of Switzerland :

We carried on to Waldshut, another steep hill, but worth it for the nice place and tea room.

From there to Hohentingen the route was not as nice as we had grown accustomed to, mainly alongside big, busy car /lorry roads. We had an excellent pizza for lunch on the industrial estate and then had to leave the Rhine to get to Schaffhausen. On this bit we had the fairly strong wind against us, so every incline was hard work! The ‘Rheinfall’ was not as impressive as I remember it, but then it is not carrying so much water.

Near there I saw my first driverless bus :

Schaffhausen is actually a really nice place, and we found us a hotel right in the centre. The view from our room is really nice

But we have to pay for it….

I can definitely feel my thighs! Long days of cycling in the cold (4°C) are very tiring, and towards the end it started to rain again 😦

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