Schaffhausen – Konstanz, 54km

Started early to try and dodge the predicted rain. Winds were very strong, luckily from behind, so we made a bit more speed. Unfortunately that also meant the rain came earlier than predicted and we looked like drowned puppies when we arrived in Konstanz.

My Windstopper gloves and cycling shoes got soaked, and then it was cold.

Nevertheless the route along the Rhine was pleasant, we even rode through an interesting part of history /politics: the German place of Buesingen is totally surrounded by Swiss territory. More about that in this Wikipedia article:

We had a break at Stein am Rhein, nice market square.

Having arrived in Konstanz we heard that the katamaran to Friedrichshafen was not sailing due to strong winds, so we had to spend the night in Konstanz. Our hotel choice was limited to two, one of which the Steigenberger, because Phil wanted a tread mill… So we ended up in the Riva (, which was excellent!

Meant we could explore Konstanz in the afternoon and evening, very pleasant.

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