Buchloe – Ottobrunn, 38km

As it was grey and cold again we decided to cycle as far as the nearest S-Bahn Station, which is at Geltendorf. As we cycled North first it was nice and flat, but of course we had to head East and go up and down through valleys and over ridges again. I suppose we are finally getting used to it 🙂 Found the royal Bavarian bike route and followed it for a while, but no idea where it goes in general.

Somehow we never managed to have a break, as we didn’t see a single cafe on our route, and it was too cold to have a picknick at 6°C.

The trip back on the S-Bahn was uneventful.

Glad to be home in the warm again!

Forgot to mention yesterday, that we saw snow by the roadside on the way to Memmingen.

During this bike tour I realised how difficult it is to keep going at any kind of speed to cover distance for a longer time in the cold. Going to work or anything up to about an hour is ok, but a whole day seems to be too much on the bike. I suppose I prefer skiing, then 😉

Wonder, what the next bike tour might be….

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