Ottobrunn – Bad Gögging, 76km

We are going to a wedding in a week’s time in Thüringen, so we decided to make this our summer holiday and are cycling there and back. Also great way to get to know Bavaria!

As we know the way though or past Munich to Freising quite well, we decided to do that by public transport. We decided to take the Abensradweg North, which is pretty and a bit hilly to Mainburg, where we had lunch.

From there on we went though a hop – growing area during 36°C heat, only the thought of a good beer or two kept me going 😉

Bad Gögging itself is a typical Spa town, but probably a bit quieter than usual. Had dinner with a view of a stork’s nest – that really made my day!

To top it all off, a spectacular sunset from our balcony.

Here is our route for the day, apart from the 5km to the U-Bahn station this morning.

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