Bad Gögging – Greding, 80km

We found a beautiful off – road path along the Danube and followed it to Kloster Weltenburg.

The Danube is carrying very little water at the moment, so the usual boats could not sail. Though chance we managed to take our bikes and ourselves on a smaller wooden vessel and went though the ‘Donaudurchbruch’ this way.

From Kelheim we followed the Altmühl and were surprised how few other people were out and about today. There are many nice little places in this valley, for example we had a drink at Essing.

We were lucky enough to have just sat down for lunch on a covered terrace when a rainstorm started. By the time we carried on cycling we only needed our waterproof jackets. We left the Altmühl at Kinding to follow the Schwarzach to Greding. Interesting path ducking under the motor way and high speed railway line, to then go over the railway tunnel. The little walled town of Greding made up for all that.

In the end we arrived quite filthy after 80km – the mudguards on my mountain bike are really only an afterthought.

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