Greding – Nürnberg 70km

I was dreading today, as according to our planning we were going to go up some inclines with ‘chevrons’, i. e. very steep bits – I hate steep bits! And then the day started wet, and we kept having to dodge the motorway… But my first smile came, when I saw that some councils think of cyclists as well when they have diversions.

Then we started to climb, but it was quite civil,we even managed to keep up with some people on ebikes. When we then saw the sign of the watershed I was ecstatic.

This means we had reached the highest point for today, basically downhill from here. As another bonus we now understood, why the climb was so civil: we were on a bike track that followed an erstwhile train line, the Gredl train. The sign posting around here is excellent, by the way.

We then kept following huge transport engineering works, when we joined the Main – Danube – canal at Hilpoltstein. It also stopped raining then. We followed the canal down all the way to Nürnberg, and then a really nice way into Nürnberg.

In Nürnberg we met up with our son, who has come to join us here for a couple of days – he came by train…

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