Nürnberg – Bamberg, 70km

After a really nice day off cycling that we spent in Nuremberg with our son and during which we went to the Dokumentationszentrum Reichstsgsgelaende, the Kaiserburg and the Neues Museum, we continued North to Bamberg.

We followed the Pegnitz to Fürth along an excellent bike path, smooth, broad, beautiful countryside and well signposted. Then we went along the Regnitz until we found the Main – Donau – Kanal again. On the way we saw storks in a field.

This strange hill captured our interest as well, nice idea.

Our hotel in Bamberg is lovely, although I feel a bit out of place with my dirty mountain bike.

We had perfect weather for looking round Bamberg, lovely place,and obviously I am enjoying the Frankonian beers.

Just as an aside : the disadvantage of following rivers and canals is that you get to see and smell a multitude of water treatment works.

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