Bamberg – Coburg, 52km

Out of Bamberg we followed the Main – Donau – Kanal and then the Main.

Further along the Itz, with its wetland meadows. I kept looking out for storks and was dissppointed to not see any, that is until we got to Lahm, where I counted 31 storks in sight!

As it was a fairly easy and short stretch today, we arrived in Coburg at noon. It was only during lunch on the market square, that we realised that we were in the town that Prince – Consort Albert (Saxe – Coburg – Gotha) came from.

We had the time to look around this pretty place, and especially had a guided tour round the palace. Apparently it was due to Albert ‘s grandmother, that almost every royal family in Europe was related to Queen Victoria. Even our hotel for the night is named after Victoria, and we have a splendid view from the room.

The afternoon was very hot, over 30°C, so we were very pleased not to be cycling anymore. All in all an excellent day!

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