Coburg – Cursdorf, 48km

The magnificent breakfast and ambiance this morning set us up nicely for the day. For the first time in a while we decided to plan the route ahead electronically and follow that rather than only rely on the signposts – worked well.

Although distance – wise today was our shortest day so far, we also cycled 800m in altitude, so it was quite a hard day. Getting out of Coburg and to the Bavarian – Thuringian border was fine, but then we just climbed and climbed until we were at the Rennsteig. We even followed the Rennsteig for a while, surprisingly level compared with the other paths and roads.

We passed the highest point of today at Neuhaus am Rennweg and I stupidly expected it to be mainly downhill from then on – but of course we are in a German ‘Mittelgebirge’, so we had to climb again… I managed several steep bits uphill that had chevrons on the map, really pleased with that!

We arrived in good time to have a bit of a look around Cursdorf, quite a nice little village with predominantly slate – clad houses. As glass-blowing seems to be the typical industry here we saw a lot of xmas baubles.

Looking forward to the ‘Polterabend’, the pre – wedding party tonight!

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