Bayreuth – Pressath, 65km

We thought we would have an easy day and follow a route along a stream, the Heidenaab bike route.

In hindsight we think the route was planned with e-bikes in mind : it was extremely hilly! For the first time both Phil and I actually had to push our bikes up one particular incline. Ah well, it was the Fichtelgebirge that beat us, not the Thüringer Wald. They have very interesting geological features here, like a basalt cone.

During preparation last night we noticed that there were many ponds /lakes on our route, and I was already looking forward to cooling off by taking a dip – but all these ponds turned out to be fish ponds, not suitable for human swimming.

Luckily we carried some food, as all beer gardens and restaurants we passed were closed (Tuesday), even the place we are staying in tonight wouldn’t feed us, therefore we had to go back into ‘town’ – another few km were added to our daily toll.

By the way, this is the first place in which I could not get any ‘Helles’, the typical Bavarian lager beer, but ‘only’ pils – interesting.

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