Prassath – Nabburg, 58km

Today we felt the impact of travelling during Corona – times a bit more than in the past few days. Masks, distances, even plastic gloves have become the new normal, but this morning we left breakfast a bit hungry – everything had to be pre – ordered the night before, and then not everything was delivered. Ah well, we thought, next break we will catch up with some energy… Only to find out, that many bakeries, restaurants, etc. have closed down due to the pandemic. As we went though a couple of slightly bigger places we managed to find food, but learnt a lot.

This morning ‘s ride was gorgeous! Along the Heidenaab (finally), very varied, beautiful countryside, I can really recommend this part, from Prassath to the Naab, to anyone! Rail barriers are down by default here, as a non-train you have to request them to be raised for you.

Saw some storks’ nests again, with storks present.

We are staying in Nabburg today, a place on top of a hill, but then that was the only significant climb, and definitely worth while!

Although I was full of beans this morning, I must admit the heat really got to me this afternoon. I was glad, when we arrived here.

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