Burglengenfeld – Regensburg, 41km

This was the last day of our current tour. Due to the weather prediction being rain and possibility of thunderstorms we left early to have time to shelter. In the end the weather was so good, we arrived in Regensburg well before lunch. We continued following the Naab till the end.

There were many pretty views and impressive castles along the way.

At Mariaort we crossed the Naab on a pedestrian /cyclist bridge and followed the Danube until we were finally in Regensburg.

Here we met up with my parents and our son for a weekend away – really nice finish to two weeks on the road. We will return home with them on Sunday.

So in total we cycled more than 700km mostly through Bavaria and despite the high temperatures it was very enjoyable. As usual we saw and learnt a lot. I love cycling holidays!

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