Unterschleißheim – Neukeferloh (Ottobrunn), 62 km

Phil and I are on holiday this week, we were going to cycle to Hamm to celebrate my uncle’s 70th bierthday with him – and then Covid-19 started its second wave and the party was cancelled. We could not and did not want to cancel our holidays, so we came up with a different plan: cycling aound the borders of Landkreis München (the administrative area Ottobrunn belongs to), for which I was elected Kreisrat (representative) in March.

So today we took the S-Bahn to the northernmost point of the Landkreis, Unterschleißheim, and started cycling in clockwise direction, therefore to the East. We went through the beautiful Heide (heathland) and even saw some sheep grazing there.

Garching on a Saturday is also very interesting, the research campus is very empty, but the architecture is stunning. As there is no bridge over the Isar where the border runs, we had to go South quite a way, and then back up North.

So far we had been going along the border with Landkreis Freising, while we were going around Ismaning we followed the border with Landkreis Erding. We saw quite a few fields with cabbage, traditional for the area, and ended up buying a pumpkin on the roadside, which we then had for dinner – very nice. The border then followed the stream Goldbach, and along Senderweg (transmitter way) past a transmitter station of the BR (Bayrischer Rundfunk).

I stood and looked at the antenna quite a while (as a former antenna engineer), but unfortunately could not get a good picture of it. From here we went to and through the Ismaninger Speichersee, a haven for water fowl in this area. Beautiful!

We had originally talked about taking the S-Bahn back from Heimstetten, but we were enjoying the cycling so much, that we decided to carry on all the way home. This meant, that we went to Neukeferloh along the border and then home in a straight line. All in all an excellent day, during which we saw a lot and enjoyed the fresh air.

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