(Ottobrunn) Neukeferloh – Sauerlach (Ottobrunn), 70km

After a day of ‘political’ cycling yesterday we resumed our tour around the borders of the Landkreis today. The weather has slightly improved, which made for a more pleasant experience.

First we cycled 10 km back to Neukeferloh, our finishing point last time, and then went on to Möschenfeld and on to Harthausen on non-tarmacked tracks, a theme for the day. I was really happy to be cycling on my mountain bike, Phil had a slightly harder time on his allrounder.

Möschenfeld is a really pretty little village, as can be seen in this video footage of today. After the Forstwirt we disappeared into the woodes, and only emerged again at Aying, where we had lunch as the only people sitting outside at an Italian – I suppose it was only about 10°C in the sun…

The route after Aying was totally new to us, a lot of hamlets along the way, and really quite hilly. We passed over ma first ever ‘pass’ as a cyclist 😉

Looking at the map, Aying seems to have the longest external border of the Landkreis, and we tried to stick to it as much as the roads/paths let us, thus getting to know the place quite well. After Großhelfendorf we were very pleased to be cycling, as the road surface was being redone and no cars could pass – since the bike lane is quite new there, we were ok. At Kleinkarolinenfeld we bought some pear jam at a farm shop, that Alex has already eaten tonight – oh well.

The break at Kreuzstraße was well deserved, before we dived into the woods again to get to Sauerlach. From there we took the S-Bahn to Unterhaching and cycled the last 5km backt o Ottobrunn. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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