Baierbrunn – Neubiberg (Ottobrunn), 70km

We took the S-Bahn to the starting point again, and were amazed at how quickly we ended up in the forest (Forstenrieder Park) from Baierbrunn station! One worth remembering, especially as there were not many other people there at all – very different from the Perlacher Forst, which we traversed towards the end of the trip.

Forests were a bit the theme of the day, with the Planegger Holz, the forest round Maria Eich, and lots of oak trees in Gräfelfing, but also (my discovery of the apparently well known) oldest oak of Unterhaching.

We cycled through what is known as the Würmtal, in which the places looked and felt quite similar to Ottobrunn, only everything was slightly bigger (houses) and wider (streets). The Würm itself is very picturesque.

Today we also crossed the Isar again, but this time we crossed the Grosshesseloher Brücke, which meant that we did not have to dip down into the Isar valley – Phil’s legs were grateful.

Trying to stick to the border was really quite hard today. We had kind of expected that in the connurbations, but we also got ‘lost’ in the Perlacher Forst – ah well. We are cycling according to a proper paper map, and the border to the state capital of Munich is actually quite hard to see. When the border was out in the middle of nowhere, as the last few days, the purple line was quite easy to spot.

For me one of the highlights of the day (apaprt from cycling through beautiful forests a lot!) was a really good Kaiserschmarrn at the Brauhaus at Grosshesselohe station – very much needed at that time 🙂

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