(Ottobrunn) Neubiberg – Feldmoching, 62km

We could really tell that we were on the border to Munich today, the whole route was much more industrialised. Not only did we pass large swathes of office space, for example in Aschheim, Dornach and Garching-Hochbrück, but also gravel pits (after all we live on the Munich gravel plain) and power stations. Not so pleasant for cycling, especially as there was quite a bit of heavy traffic, and not always bike paths.

I suppose that was one of the reasons we kept on cycling without a break till we got to the Isar again. On the shores of Unterföhringer See we actually found a beer garden that was still open, and served fish & chips (of sorts).

After we crossed the Isar, no height differences involved, we followed a path that had ‘Furt’ (ford) in its name, and lo and behold, there was actually a ford – I suppose for horses, we cyclists got a rickety bridge.

We all know Oberschleißheim from the very pretty castle and gardens, but you do not get to see those form the border of the Landkreis. We did, however, cycle along the canal leading to the castle for a while, as there was no way through a military area – unfortunately there was no indication on our map of this. We also discovered the Klausenweg Wilhelm V., the bit we followed goes through the woods and is very pittoresk.

As we needed to return by S-Bahn before bikes are banned again today, we stopped near Feldmoching. Looking forward to starting the last part from there tomorrow.

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