Feldmoching – Unterschleißheim, 22km

We took the S-Bahn back to Feldmoching to finish off our tour round the Landkreis of München. Today was quite a short route, we only got to know the Western borders of Oberschleißheim and Unterschleißheim. The streets were still wet from the rain last night, but we were lucky again. We started off through some woods again, spectacular colours.

Personally I really enjoyed seeing the Olympic regatta site for rowing and canoeing. There were a few other water bodies on the way, for example we followed a border trench. This lead us to a trout farm, where we bought some smoked rainbow trout for the weekend.

We ended in Unterschleißheim – Lohhof were we had started last week, the northernmost point of the Landkreis, and the place with most inhabitants.

All in all this was a very interesting trip. As I had hoped and expected, I saw and learnt a lot about the area I am representing as democratically elected Kreisrat (district councillor?).

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