Summary Tour de Landkreis, 300km

So we had dry weather, warm enough to have our picknicks and meals outside, although we were often glad of the warm tea in the flasks we brought. The autumn colours often added a particularly nice touch, especially since we went through woods more than I had expected.

I was amazed at how much I did not know about ‘my’ area, paths, roads, countryside, places, history, wow! I saw so much and learnt so much!

It was not easy to find a map that had the borders of the Landkreis visibly marked, but the Landkreis itself published a ‘Radwanderkarte‘ (cycling map), which was actually perfect. Every now and again we were glad for Google maps, though, as some paths had disappeared/new ones appeared. Quite a few of the paths were really only suited for mountain bikes, Phil struggled a few times with his allrounder. We tried to stay as close to the ‘inside’ of the border as possible, but sometimes the map was a little unclear.

Phil and I agreed, that the outer border of the Landkreis is beautiful, the border to Munich quite industrialised. The outer border I would recommend to anyone, the border to Munich is in general not that nice, but of interest to local politicians, I suppose.

The variety of Landkreis München astounded me again. The South is really quite rural, and the views of the Alps can be stunning. The forests are actually quite extensive, something we did not really realise living fairly centrally. The North has its own charme with the heath, but the (car and rail) traffic there is something else!

As we were doing this during Covid-times we did not really want to stay anywhere overnight. It made me realise one should use the S-Bahn much more as a bike-transporter to get to areas one does not know that well, yet – I intend to do that a lot more in future.

All in all a great experience that I would recommend to everybody!

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