Kupferbachtal, 22.5.21(50 km)

How does one spend holidays in Covid times? We wanted to cycle, but also discover things in the area, that we didn’t know (well) yet. We had started to do themed bike trips already (see my political website in German), so we carried on in that vein.

On International Day of Biodiversity we decided to cycle to a nature reserve not too far away from us, but over a ridge, even a pass. As you know I grew up cycling in flat Holland and physically have no resemblance to a mountain goat, so I always avoid climbs… But on the new bike it was actually even fun.

We started on a well known route to a good beer garden in Aying (Kastanienhof), where we had a really nice meal to collect strength for the climbs ahead. It was actually just really nice to eat something we didn’t prepare ourselves somewhere that wasn’t our place.

On our way to the Kupferbachtal we took a route that we had never cycled before and were rewarded with beautiful views and details. The valley itself was not overrun with people, probably because you cannot drive your car into it. We did see a girl form one of the local farms in a golf cart, though, visiting a friend in the next farm along.

Beatutiful day with ‚Bavarian skies‘ (blue, with white clouds).

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