Mühldorf – Rosenheim, 24.5.21 (80km)

German Mill Day, but the only restaurant in the Landkreis München (in Straßlach) named after a mill has not reopened due to Covid, yet. What to do? Phil suggested to go to ‚mill ville‘, so we went to Mühldorf. As this is on the river Inn, and on a part we hadn’t done the bike route, yet, this was our chance. The trip to Rosenheim is 80km, and we wanted to make it before the rain started – we failed.

Unfortunately we did not see many mills apart from a disused one at Untermühle, but we did realise why this part of the route is marked as hard/difficult: not only does one have to drop down to the river and then climb up the banks again, a lot of these climbs are steep!

Due to Covid no restaurants were open, so we took shelter under a large chestnut tree during the rain to eat our sandwiches.

The last 10 km or so to Rosenheim were quite flat and easy to cycle, and thanks to my earlier trip researching beaver activities I spotted many signs of beavers along the Inn.

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