Round Chiemsee, 23.5.21 (60 km)

This day is German Day of  the ‚Grundgesetz‘ (constitution), how does one mark that? Well, after a bit of research into the topic I found out that there had been a Herrenchiemsee Convention as the part of the process of drafting and adopting the current German constitution. So we decided to take the train to Prien (and back) and cycle round the Chiemsee – something I had been wanting to do for quite a while anyway.

On my parents‘ advice we went clockwise, good choice! In general it was a shame, though, that we did not actually see the lake that much. Also there were far more people around than we expected, especially on e-bikes. One couple we saw twice, they obviousy went round anti-clockwise.

Not many of the establishments were open, due to Covid, so we were lucky to be able to have a nice break at Malerwinkel, with great views.

Coming round the South of the lake the route goes along the motorway for a bit, not very pleasant, so rather than it continuing like that it seems to have been changed a few years ago to go through the moors to the South of the lake. But to get there one has to get over a ridge, the only time we got off and pushed, as we were required to.

We were very surprised to suddenly see some narrow-gauge rails, until we found somebody (it turned out she is a volunteer there) to explain: these rails were laid 101 years ago to transport the peat to the station. Now they have a small museum there, and one can go on train trips outside Covid-times.

A great trip again, although we did not see much oft he Herrenchiemsee island we made the trip for.

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