Sunscreen day, 27.5.21 (27 km)

You wouldn’t think so, especially as we got wet cycling today, but today seems to be Sunscreen Day. So we went out to look for sun screen, something I do not like using as it is sticky and stinks – I would rather wear long sleeves, long trousers and a hat. We are all fair-skinned, so do need some protection.

Found a shop in Munich, NKM (NaturKosmetik München) that make their own skin care products based on local ingredients. Due to Covid-restrictions we had to wait till the only other customer had left to be allowed in. The sunscreen they sell does not smell that bad, and it does not seem to be that sticky, but apparently it does run, when sweating – what is the point of that?

Anyway, was the first time in a while we cycled into town. Amazing that one gets dirtier doing that then cycling out in the countryside. And of course I took my Dutch bike into town, don’t want to have the other one stolen.

There were also a few roadworks, and especially crossing the Isar one did not know where to go as cyclist, bad signposting. I could not take pictures, as there was no space to stop. Although they are trying to improve things, cycling in Munich is still no fun. Need to make sure we do something different tomorrow – watch this space.

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