Fischbachau – Ottobrunn, 61 km

After a marvellous day going to the market and stocking up, losing the soles to my walking shoes, meeting up with the family in Bayrischzell for lunch and walking back from there, we cycled back home to Ottobrunn, taking a totally different route.

Although we basically had to go downhill to get home, we still climbed nearly 500m. It was a beautiful route that took us under the A8 motorway at Irschenberg and then along a different part of the Mangfall-valley. As we were in Landkreis Rosenheim the restaurants were shut due to Covid, but we had drinks with us.

Unfortunately we also saw a racing-bike crash without outside influence. We were first at the scene and made sure the rider and his bike were okay – it had been a ‘typical’ taking-the-corner-too-fast situation. He had rather bad abrasions and bruises on his hip, shoulder and hands and was visibly shaken (his pride was hurt). I must admit that I had that in mind as I was hurtling down some slopes at over 60km/h, but my bike (and nerves) held out well!

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