Unterschleißheim – Ingolstadt, 3.6.21 (86 km)

Cycling holidays in Covid-times are still difficult, even on world cycling day. We are staying in Bavaria still, so we decided to go to see the garden show (Landesgartenschau) in Ingolstadt. Since we know the immediate area around Munich quite well, we decided to leave from Unterschleißheim, still in our Landkreis.

To stay in a hotel at the moment one needs a current negative Covid-test. After a bit of research we found a station in Unterschleißheim, directly next to a circus camp. The camels seemed to enjoy the constant stream of people coming past.

The weather was great, unfortunately there still were not many restaurants open. We had to cycle all the way to Pfaffenhofen, about 35 km, to find anything open. We used the opportunity to have lunch there. The main square in Pfaffenhofen is quite nice, the kids were playing in the fountain and enjoyed getting soaked.

In general I was very pleased to see and hear so many birds about! I also managed to go paddling in a small lake and was mauled by the local population of mosquitos – that is how I understood why there were so many birds…

Our hotel is right on the other side of Ingolstadt, near the Landesgartenschau. On our way past the Landesgartenschau I stopped to take a picture of some beautiful flowers – and Phil ran into the back of me! It transpired that his right pedal had broken and he was looking down at it, and therefore had not realised I had come to a standstill. We ‘limped’ to the hotel with the broken pedal, luckily it wasn’t far.

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