Ingolstadt – Dachau (87 km), 6.6.21

After a couple of nice days in Ingolstadt, during which Phil got himself some new pedals, we went round the garden show, and spent a day walking round the city centre with Alex, our son, we were looking forward to cycling again. I had planned quite a nice, obviously different, route back, but then the weather forecast was so abysmal, that we replanned. We decided to stick close to the train line so we could bail, if we needed or wanted to. That meant, that the first part of the trip was quite familiar, but we saw everything from the other side, and in quite different lighting.

It hardly rained on us outright, but it drizzled and was generally damp all day. It felt like England. Somehow I seem to have almost exclusively taken water-related pictures – wonder why?

When we left the B13 to cycle towards Petershausen it became hillier… but we managed quite well. Beautiful undulating countryside with nice views, as far as the low hanging cloud allowed. The weather was not conducive to eating in a beer garden, but then we did not find any, that were open anyway. Just as well we had packed muesli bars! Travelling during Covid-times needs more planning.

Again, we took the S-Bahn back for the part through Munich. Although we were constantly damp it was an excellent day’s cycling 🙂

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