Baden – Wil, 90km (6.8.21)

Woke up due to the heavy rain this morning (remember, I have a room high up and can see the weather coming), so started cycling (video) a little later. Did not get wet at all today!

Somehow the whole day felt hard going. Only when I looked at the analysis of the data at the end of the day I realized that I had climbed over 900 m , much of it in a gradual way, which just made cycling feel a bit harder.

There were many roadworks, some of them fixing the paths along rivers. At one point during a diversion I somehow lost the signs for my route. As I have my bike computer also showing me the way (backup, as I say, I like redundant systems), I though that would not be a problem…. I hadn’t realised until I was right in the middle of Zurich that here the GPS track I had and the route diverged so much! Although there are cycle paths in Zurich it is not a nice place to cycle. If I hadn’t had a sixth sense (actually: experience) I would have probably ended up under a truck or van not sticking to the rules of the road…

Ah well, after Zurich it got more pleasant again, a different river to cycle along. There are always signposts for long-distance roller-blade tours as well, and today I saw my first roller-bladers: three overweight men of over 60 in cycling gear and all-terrain roller-blades. They were going some!

I have also noticed that hotels are not signposted well for cyclists in general. We tend to come into towns along side-roads and it is then often difficult to find tourist information (rarely at the station), which is mostly closed when I want it anyway. Therefore it took me a while to find my abode for the night. Again, I have a proper single room.

After dinner I looked around Wil for a while, very pleasant place! Here also one can find signs explaining the history of specific houses, etc, a lot. Something I have noticed everywhere along the way: water treatment works, coppices, nature reserves, power stations,… just about everything has signs explaining why they are there, what they are doing, etc. are also signs for walkers everywhere, even on all the flat bits I have been cycling.

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