Büren an der Aare – Solothurn, 22km (4.8.21)

Wet old day, but still one of the nicer starts in the morning (see video here). Saw a lot of flooding on the way, the Aare went over its banks and over the bike paths, so I had to cycle a slightly different route.

Went through a village with lots of storks and nests, up to three just on one roof!

Only a short day cycling today, because I wanted to attend an international conference (Equals EU) on how to get more women into technical leadership. Unfortunately my (work) laptop did not want to connect to any kind of internet, neither WiFi nor LAN. Ah well, just as well I am an engineer and (almost) always have at least one backup. Not as comfy, but possible over the mobile phone.

I then actually had a bit of time to look around Solothurn, a very nice baroque town. Unfortunately I could not use the Wellness area in the hotel, there were too many other people in there already…

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