Geneva – Yvonand, 110km (2.8.21)

Started off nice and early when Phil left for work, so managed to leave Geneva at 7:40. I decided to follow the signposted route around Lake Geneva until I met the Mittelland Route (Route 5) just before Lausanne. The signposting is mixed in quality, I found out, I seemed to have missed a few and just continued along the lake instead of cycling up into the vineyards – probably not as picturesque, but faster.

Had my second breakfast at Nyon, where Phil is staying for business, but he was at work already of course.

Finally had my swim in the lake at St Prex, at the aptly named Bain des Dames. Turns out the water wasn’t as cold as I had expected, very pleasant. A little bit of a video here.

Lunch at Morges where I could watch people going about their business, useful, when one is travelling on one’s own. So that was slightly more than 50km already…

Just after I had left the lake and had to climb over some hills, the rain set in. I got really drenched, but dried out almost as quickly. Just meant I didn’t really have a break for a while.

Got to Lake Neuchatel at Yverdon-les-Bains, where I kind of looked out for a hotel on the lakefront – but there was only a camp-site to be had. In general I have noticed that access to the lakes is rarely public, a lot of private properties surround the lakes – shame for everybody else.

As it was still fairly early I carried on cycling. In the end I stayed at the Hotel de la Gare in Yvonand, where I had local fish for dinner.

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