Ottobrunn – Geneva, 2km (30.7. – 1.8.21)

Phil is on a business trip near Geneva at the moment, so we thought we would take the opportunity to look at the city a little bit. This is also the beginning of my one-week holiday, trying to cycle back from Geneva to Ottobrunn as far as I get. I am hoping to reach lake Constance, as Phil and I have cycled the bit from there back to Ottobrunn before (on the way back form a one of his business trips to Basel…).

The train trip was quite strenuous with four changes with bike and panniers, some of them rather short, due to having booked at rather short notice because the Covid-situation. As my penultimate train was late, I missed the connection to the last train in Zurich – this being Switzerland, the next train was already 30 mins later.

We took the opportunity to walk around a bit the first evening in Geneva, to find our bearings. We found a fun fair on the shores of the lake, which was ostensibly there for the Swiss national holiday celebrations on Sunday, 1.8.21. Saturday and Sunday we spent exploring the city, luckily we had a public transport pass form the hotel, thanks to which we took a boat across the lake and trams across town, saving us quite a bit of walking – good thing too, as my knee was playing up painfully.

Luckily we were prepared for rain, as there were numerous showers. The rain did not seem to perturb the Genevans, outdoor dining continued under cover.

We think we saw all the relevant touristy things, including the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) UN.

I was really impressed by the project 100elles, which is trying to make women more visible in Geneva, through proposing to rename some streets.

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