Solothurn – Baden, 95km (5.8.21)

Dry first 70km, also comparatively flat all the way to Brugg along the Aare. The river still carries high water, had to change my route a few times again.

The route along the Aare is in principle very nice (see video here), saw a couple more wooden bridges and interesting fortified houses/castles (up the hills either side).

My goal for the day was Brugg, about 80 km, but I was there at 14:00 already and could not find any accommodation – so I cycled on. Quite hilly to Baden, had to cross several big roads, train lines and a motorway.

My room in the hotel is on the 12th floor, so I have an excellent view of the weather coming in. The evening was nice enough to sit outside and soak in the atmosphere of Baden – quite relaxed with a locally brewed pale ale or two.

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