Wil – Ottobrunn, 64 km (7.8.21)

I waited for the rain to pass over and then had a few hills to get over before the long descent down to lake Constance. There I then followed Swiss cycling route 2 along the lake to Rorschach. Along this stretch there were many more cyclists, mostly on e-bikes and many in groups. The bike path is very flat and in between fences, felt a bit strange – a little bit as if the local animals had to be protected from the cycling tourists.

Rorschach itself is a very pleasant place, I had time to have lunch at the Badhäusl before I took the ferry to Lindau. I suppose I could have cycled around the lake, but then I would have had to go through Austria, which in times of Covid I wanted to avoid.

On the ferry I asked one of the seafarers about the weather forecast: heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon, very wet next day. That put paid to my plans to cycle on to Kempten, so I took the train back from Lindau to Munich.

There were S-Bahn-works, so I then cycled back home from the Ostbahnhof to Ottobrunn through a thunderstorm, basically my work trip.

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