Yvonand – Büren an der Aare, 93km (3.8.21)

As the weather forecast predicted rain, especially from lunchtime onwards, I set off at 8:00 to try and get as much cycling done in the morning as possible. The first bit was along the Lac de Neuchateau, never that close, as there are nature reserves almost all the way alongside.

The first ‘cultural’ highlight was the town of Estavayer-le-Lac – beautiful, as you can see in the video here.

I got more and more into the main agricultural area of Switzerland (Seenland), which developed as they dried out the marshes that used to be there and lowered the water levels of the lakes. I was slightly taken aback, how much flooding was in the fields, I saw and smelt quite a lot of vegetables and grain just rotting in the water. Fields of sweetcorn were just not growing, etc.

Somewhere between the Lac de Neuchatel and the Bieler lake I noticed the papers in the shop were in German – I am in the ‘German’ speaking part of Switzerland now. I must admit, though, I often understand less than in the French-speaking part, as I really don’t understand Schyzerdütsch, and often not  the attempts at speaking ‘Hochdeutsch’, either.

Rain set in at 12:15. Something I have also noticed as I am following Route 5, Mittellandroute – the signposting positively avoids villages and towns. Therefore I could not find anywhere to have lunch – luckily I had been shopping. Even non-private shelter wasn’t easy, in the end I sat in front of a closed café.

My aim had been to get to Biel, I arrived there at 14:00. Biel is apparently THE town of watches.

After a bit of umming and ah-ing I decided to cycle a bit further, which is how I ended up in Büren, in a really trendy guesthouse on the town square of this really old place. I am told ‘Fassnacht’ was invented here.

Cordon Bleu seems to be the local dish, so I had that for dinner.

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