Murnau – Ottobrunn, 95 km (5.9.21)

After a great breakfast we again set off later than I would have wanted to, but that was okay today, as both museums were within the first 40 km – we managed to get into both exhibitions. In general we preferred the route today to that of yesterday, the bike paths were better quality, and we hardly had to push. The views of the Alps as we were cycling from Murnau to lake Kochel were stupendous!

Today our gripe with the .gpx track was, that the museums were not actually on the route. We had to look for them ourselves in Kochel and Penzberg. For example, the Franz Marc museum is much farther up the hill than we had expected, but that also meant good views. This exhibition concentrated on (self-) portraits of the ‘Blauer Reiter’ artists, and their view on animals. This meant, we could finally put faces to the names.

We cycled through moors and fields to Penzberg, where the very small Penzberg museum has a Campendonk – exhibition, an artist I had not heard off before this trip. His speciality was reverse-glass-painting. The second part of the museum is an old miners’ house, also interesting.

The bike route from Penzberg to Wolfratshausen was of really good quality, smooth tarmac, broad paths, mostly along the Loisach – nice. From Wolfratshausen we went through the Pupplinger Au and then along the Isar, until we had to climb the embankment again to head towards Ottobrunn. In Taufkirchen we then saw a fellow Green party member from Ottobrunn – small world.

So after 188km and three interesting museums I feel like I have been on holiday, although it was ‘only’ a weekend. I also cycled to and through bits of Bavaria I would never have expected to see from this perspective – it was great!

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