Ottobrunn – Murnau, 93 km (4.9.21)

Helena had made me aware of the Blauer Reiter bike tour a while ago, so I have been wanting to do it all summer already. But there was always a problem; bad weather, no accommodation, other plans, whatever. This weekend everything came together, though, so Phil and I set off.

We got off slightly later than I would have liked, but it was Saturday after all. We joined the route at Pullach, so had our first real climb going up the Isar escarpment. The route to Gauting was fairly familiar still, but then along the Würm to Starnberg was really nice!

Unfortunately a local person does not seem to like the cyclists here, though, so puts out drawing pins (as we heard later). Unfortunately I happened to get one of them in my tire, so had my first puncture on my new bike. I had everything ( puncture repair kit and pump) with me, so it wasn’t a problem – but we did realise, that this was the first puncture Phil and I fixed ‘together’ (and that after more than 20 years of marriage and many, many bike tours together 😊 ).

I had downloaded the .gpx track onto my navigation system, so we followed that. To our surprise there were several sections along lake Starnberg only for pedestrians, so we had to get off and push several km. I was not happy with that!

All of this meant, that we got to the Buchheim Museum considerably later than I had been expecting, so we had lunch there before the enjoyed the exhibition. I concentrated on the use of colour by the ‘Blauer Reiter’ – quite interesting, and informed our enjoyment of the following exhibitions (see next day).

The route then took us through a really nice area of lakes and was much more undulating, than I had expected. Along the Ostersee, in the middle of nowhere, we came across one of my colleagues going for a walk – wow!

We had our last rest and drink at Antdorf, and then the climbs got harder. We actually managed quite well, partly due to the weather being great and lack of other path/road users. Unfortunately we arrived in Murnau after the museum there had closed, so we did not get to see the exhibition there.

When we finally arrived at our hotel, we were ushered straight to dinner, before we even took our panniers off the bikes – so we did not get to wear the glad rags we took for the posh occasion, but sat amongst the other guests in our sweaty bike gear. Ah well.

The hotel had a pool, whirlpool and several saunas which we used extensively that evening 😊 .

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