Vijfhuizen – Haarlem – Zandvoort – Vijfhuizen, 37km (2.10.21)

The morning was wonderful, so after taking Ziggy for a walk we cycled into Haarlem

to see Django in the new location of his shop. Amazingly Joris was there as well! Good, to see ‘old friends’ again 🙂

After having bought fresh stroopwafels on the market in Haarlem we cycled through the Kennemerduinen to Bloemendaal aan Zee and through to Zandvoort. There I walked into the North Sea before we had chips at tijn, sitting outside and enjoying the view.

On the way back we stopped off for pancakes, so I managed several of the culinary pleasures of Holland today. We got slightly damp on the way back, it has been raining all afternoon/evening since. Very enjoyable day with my brother, savouring Dutch cycling infrastructure.

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