‘Leidens ontzet’, 38 km, (3.10.21)

It rained quite heavily during the night and in the morning, Robin and I constantly changed our plans on how to get to Leiden and back. In the end we settled on cycling to Haarlem station and taking the bikes to Leiden on the train. We left them in the bike park in Leiden, while we looked around the ‘kermis’ in Leiden.

The area around the station has changed a lot since I knew it fairly well, which is now well over 30 years ago. We started our culinary exploits with ‘oliebollen’, moving on to the obligatory ‘hutspot’, before we had ‘poffertjes as afters. The bike shop where I got my first bike also no longer exists, the bike does, though.

Although it was still raining we decided to cycle back, very nice route. Due to the tailwind it was not too strenuous, either. It reminded me of a lot of the things I like about Holland – I will be sad to leave it tomorrow.

All in all a great day with lots of memories for me, I realised how at home I still feel here, and how I do miss it.

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