Wageningen – Venlo, 90 km (5.10.21)

The day started great: as I had to deviate form my planned route last night for accommodation, I had to cross the Lower Rhine by ferry. As it was not long after sunrise it was great light!

I started fairly early, as I was trying to get as far as possible before the rain set in, which I partially managed – I only got wet the last 10 km or so. As the wind was southerly again, I had a headwind all day again, though – hard work, but luckily mainly flat.

In a way the whole day was about water. I had to cross several major bridges, and had also decided to cross into Germany later than originally intended so I could follow the Maas valley longer, all the way to Venlo.

Of course I saw several windmills again, and most of the bike paths were very good.

A few people took the opportunity of me having a break (to take pictures or have a drink) to talk to me – very friendly people around here. One of them was a farmer who predicted rain would start at 15:00 – and it did, to the minute. The Lindenbaum on his farm is roughly 1200 old!

The Dutch dialect down here is very strong, so I have to concentrate to understand people.

Just before the rain started I saw a couple of fields of tagetes, something I have never seen before. Wonderful smell.

In the end I found a very nice hotel in Venlo (Mr Jigs) with excellent service! I have a room on the ground floor, the bike is dry in the stairwell right next to me.

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