Venlo – Pulheim, 73 km (6.10.21)

Rain was forecast for the entire day, and unfortunately the forecast was correct. It rained or drizzled the entire day, therefore I have not got (many) nice pictures. On top of that the route was actually quite nice in the beginning (Nettetal), but turned very industrial.

As Venlo is on the border it wasn’t long before I crossed into Germany. I am afraid I didn’t notice, until I was on the other side, hence a picture ‘in reverse’ – a throughway for pedestrians and cyclists.

After about 20 km I had a break in Dülken. Wednesday seems to be their market day, but due to the rain there was not much life. The next point of interest was Mönchengladbach, that I had only known from football. They have some interesting buildings and sculptures, and my route was mainly through parks. Car drivers there do not seem to like cyclists, though.

I then went through Grevenbroich, where I had lunch. Grevenbroich used to call itself the energy capital (of Germany, I believe), and to the South-East of it you can see why. There are three power-stations in close proximity. The two pictured below are taken from the same vantage point – I know which view I prefer!

Soon after one of the spokes in the back wheel broke, testimony to the poor quality of German bike paths, maybe? I rode 10 km to the next town, Pulheim, and went to the local bike shop. They could not repair it before maybe Friday evening (bearing in mind this was Wednesday) – so I went to an out-of-town big bike shop, for which I did not hold out much hope. Luckily I was so wrong! They told it would take 30 mins, within 15 mins I had paid and left and got a tip regarding a hotel nearby 🙂 . I reckon at the end of this day I deserved a Kölsch (next place is Cologne).

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