Koblenz – Mainz, 98km, (8.10.21)

Started off in the fog, actually quite romantic along the Rhine. I was the only one in short sleeves, a lot of other people were wearing down jackets and hats already. The fog continued to Boppard, where I had my first break, sitting outside with peppermint tea.

Around this area the bike path was really good, and I had it basically to myself. It was plain sailing to Bacharach, where I stopped for a lunch of Flammkuchen. I am afraid I did not dare to have Federweißer for lunch… This area of the Rhine valley I still know a little bit from over 20 years ago, when I/we lived in Frankfurt and came walking here quite a bit. Different, seeing it from the bottom of the valley, though. All the castles and ruins are still very impressive

From Bingen onwards I saw more and more cyclists, commuters, day tourists and long-distance. Around Ingelheim the bike path was of really good quality, so I understand.

As usual coming into a bigger town/city along the river entails cycling with/through a lot of traffic and industry, not nice. The chimneys on the following picture are nice and colourful at least, though.

I did find a nice hotel, though, the Hilton along the river, where upon my questions of where I could put my bike they were stunned. In the end it is spending the night in a conference room, should be nice and dry and warm when I leave in the morning.

The hotel wanted Eur 14.95 for the WiFi, which of course I didn’t pay! I lived in the Netherlands long enough. So the report is slightly delayed 😉

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