Mainz – Ottobrunn, 43 km (9.10.21)

Breakfast while watching the sunrise over the Rhine is quite special.

I then picked up my bike from the conference room, where it had been joined by two other bike in the meantime, and cycled off across the Rhine and along the Main – very pleasant route.

I thought I could catch a direct train from Frankfurt airport station to Munich, but I didn’t know, that school holidays were starting it he area today… no space for my bike till later in the afternoon, and then only from Frankfurt main station.

So I went down memory lane a bit and cycled into Frankfurt, which is surprisingly close. Of course some things had changed (better bike-path surface, better signposting), but many have remained the same (awful atmosphere round the main station, the smell of urine under every bridge/in every corner, bad bike paths in general).

The train has no WiFi – so further delay to the report.

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