birthday ride, 54 km

Traditionally Phil and I take the day off for our birthdays, do some exercise, some culture and go for at least one meal – all quite difficult in Covid-times in November… But we managed ­čÖé . Luckily the weather was dry, and sunny at first.

As the Landkreis is going to decide on the route of the Eastern bike path tangent around Munich, we decided to have a look at this in more detail. This meant cycling to Ismaning (and back), which provided the exercise (and I got to try out my birthday present from Phil: a new bike computer). As it was Remembrance Sunday we decided to look at all the chapels and crosses we came across in a bit more detail, so that was the culture.

On the way back we went to an olive harvest festival in Riem and purchased some olive oil – quite interesting ‘event’.

In the evening we had the traditional lasagne at home, so that was the meal.

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