Ottobrunn – Kochel am See, 65km, 29.4.22

Afer first having worked from home I finally set off at roundabout 10:30. The goal was a seminar house in Kochel, for an off-site with the Greens of the ‚Kreistag‘. Glorious weather was certainly an incentive as well – turns out a got my first slight sunburn on my arms in years.

As usual I planned my route on Komoot, which chose very well for me. Normally I try to avoid any kind of climbs, but in view of the summer I need to train a bit, so didn’t make any alterations to the proposed route. I went over the Ludwigshöhe with its magnificent views of the Alps, and over the Isar at Wolfratshausen, where the rafters were doing their thing for the first time since the pandemic started.

After about 25 km, just outside Gelting, I happened upon one of the other Greens, Wolfgang, also cycling to the off-site, so we stayed together from then on. We had a lunch break under a very Bavarian ‘Marterl’, again with a nice view of the Alps and where we were heading.

The next break was in the beergarden of the monastry of Benediktbeuren, before we finished off the last few kilometers. On the approach I was ‘disheartened’ to see a youth hostel sign pointing to where we were heading – in my experience youth hostels are always on top of hills. Lo and behold, the approach road to our destination was so steep, that we had to push.

Due to this incline we then had magnificent views over lake Kochel, so it was all worthwhile in the end.

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