Ottobrunn – Kiel, 18.5.22 (17 km)

Beautiful sunny day to start off our holiday. After 10 days of Covid-induced quarantaine it was nice to leave the house and garden again. We celebrated by having brunch on the way to the station in Munich.

Luckily the train journey was uneventful, and very useful for resting. I was impressed by the park-!like nature of the platforms at Hamburg – Harburg.

When we arrived at the hotel I was very (pleasantly) surprised to see two very tall men coming from the fitness room. My first thought was basketball, but it turns out they were handball players from Paris Saint German, that are competing against THW Kiel in some European cup.

We had fish and chips with local beers for dinner and talked about our cycling plans and route for the next few days. This sculpture is apparently one of the first expressionist sculptures made, quite impressive.

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